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   Strange Occurrence Of Skin Parasites
    Written by DD Rose- Consultant on Infectious Pathogens
    Restorative Health Research Plus™


Several years ago, shortly after I discovered that I had a problem with internal parasites, I started to notice a strange occurrence of skin parasites. I couldn't deal with both internal and external parasites -- the internal parasites was more than enough -- the skin parasites had become a nightmare. I needed to get rid of them fast.

Initially, I couldn't see anything on my skin. My symptoms were very distinct when I had first felt crawling sensations. It became evident with a marked progression within days. The first time the occurrence happened when I felt something crawl around on my foot and bit very hard or burrowed into a toe. It happened again at a different location and the biting increased moving up my legs. I became scared and started putting a dab of bleach on those spots (not recommended) because I didn't know what I was dealing with. Whatever the skin parasite was it died instantly.

There were many times I tried to doubt my experience but this was very hard to do when there is a very distinct biting or burrowing sensation. Each bite or burrow, I literally jump out of my chair -- I couldn't believe how vicious a tiny thing could be! I had moved into a place several months prior; I had thought they were some kind of fleas that started to hatch with the warmer weather. In our city there was a bad breakout of bed bugs, but I never saw any around. I was sure it was something else causing the problem ruling out the other two possibilities, especially since fleas don't burrow into the skin.

I had my place exterminated. Relieved, I thought I was safe believing that they were all dead. Little did I know the extermination only agitated them and an army of "invisible" parasite increased. Perhaps they were imbedded in the carpet and surfaced, or the chemicals used helped increase their mating activities. The progression of these things became a nightmare when I could feel them around the hair, eyes, nostrils, ears, and hands. If you can imagine, for a moment, it felt like an army of miniature ants moving around these areas. At night there were a few occasions when they became extremely aggressive with very hard biting sensations on the tongue while I slept causing me to jump out of a deep sleep. One crawled into the ear canal and I was so terrified that it might bite the ear drum and I would lose my hearing forever.

It was very apparent that whatever the cause, something had to be done quickly. I went on the internet to find out if anyone was dealing with the same kind of occurrence of skin parasites. Much to my relief, I found out that I wasn't the only person in the world dealing with this. People were calling these skin parasites "crawlies" which weren't scabies. What people had described, was my exact same experience -- even when they tried to exterminate their places. The crawling sensations around the eyes, nostrils, and mouth is a favorite place for these arthropods because they need the moisture to survive. Many were in the scalp hair because I could literally feel their movement in a specific pattern from the head to the eyes. They crawled on the hands only because I touched my face all the time. Some people dealt with the problem for 5, 10 and 20+ years (some a full lifetime) developing skin lesions or tunneling track marks under the skin! I felt terrible reading these stories of suffering with lives completely ruined. I came upon a site that an older gentleman had written, documenting his experience; I found it very informative. After 10-15 years of dealing with his affliction this gentleman was able to work with doctors that were interested in his case. They were able to find what appeared to be a couple of different mites that caused his suffering. The problem was that he and his family were unable to get rid of the skin parasites using various methods.

I concluded that most people were unable to eradicate those parasites because they were allowed to entrench deep within the body system. Once again, this goes back to doctors ignoring their patients; the end result was that the situation got worse with dire consequences. The only diagnosis that the doctors' could make was that these poor people were inflicted with "delusional parasitosis". I can tell you from first-hand experience there is nothing delusional about it!

I was determined that I wasn't going to live with a problem as long as others -- there is no way that I could handle anything like that. As it was, I had barricaded myself in my place for about a week until I could figure out what I was dealing with or if it was contagious. These "crawlies" looked like a period (.) or invisible to the naked eyes -- the skin parasites were possibly a mite of some sort, or possibly the arthropod Collembola. The parasite Collembola was officially discovered with acknowledgement in 2004-2005, but it was known about in the late 1950's; the actual discovery became known when a study was done on a group of "delusional" victims. I came upon the Collembola information a year or so after my skin parasite episode. Although these mites are extremely hard to detect, I was able to see a few specks on my skin when I looked very hard or using the tape method (see below).

What I could gather from my reading was that many people developed skin parasites AFTER they discovered there was a water leak in their place; they touched a dead animal; or had internal parasites. Sure enough, my shower water was leaking downstairs. If you have a mouse problem they carry mites too. (I had heard from a neighbor that there were mice in the area. I never had any encounters with mice but anything was possible since I was fairly new in my place.) I had three possibilities of contracting these parasites -- water leak, internal parasites, and mice mites.

I knew since I had been recently infected that I could probably get rid of them. From reading information on different sites and my experience with using herbs I had put together my own protocol.

My Skin Parasite Protocol
My remedy was that I bought Pine Tar shampoo. You can get it at the health food store or use Neutrogena's T/Gel. I had some essential oils handy that I added to the shampoo. Use 1 drop of each: Peppermint, Geranium and Rosemary. Wash all over and leave on for a few minutes before washing off. Immediately after your shower, pour rubbing alcohol over your head. You will need to wash 2-3 times per day.

If you find them going into your ears, I found it helpful to make a strong tea of Yellow Dock root. I let it cool and put several warm drops in my ears, 2 times a day. Within a day or two I no longer felt crawling, relieved of the problem. Sleep with cotton in your ears for several weeks or until you feel safe. (The Yellow Dock tea also works for ear mites in pets too.)

At night before sleeping, I put a thick layer of petroleum jelly around my eyes, nostrils and mouth. They like to crawl in these areas; if I didn't do the eyes they would be puffy or crusty in the mornings. The petroleum jelly procedure helps cut-off their access to moisture. If they go into your mouth, gargle and force them out by coughing the water into the sink bowl. Brush vigorously so that they don't cling to the tongue and bite.

I also covered all furnishings and pillows in plastic; I poured baby powder all over the furniture items and covered them. Apparently, the fine talcum smothers them. What I observed was that when they die, they look like a tiny black puff ball. Seeing a lot of black puff balls made it apparent to me that this wasn't "dust".

I poured Borax (Two Mule) soap all over the carpet -- I wore shoes or socks so that the soap didn't irritate my feet. In 48 hours vacuum and daily, thereafter, until the problem is gone. I washed every surface with a bleach cleaning solution several times a day. Again, don't use a fogger or spray, it only agitates them and they become aggressive or seemed to quadruple in numbers!

Skin Test (tape method)
When I was trying to figure out what skin parasite that I was dealing with, I found the following to be helpful. If you want to get a skin test here's what you'll need to do. Have some strips of tape handy. When you feel a sharp bite, quickly tape the area and lift them off the skin. Get as many as you can. The parasites stay on the tape. A person can look under a microscope and verify their existence. Otherwise, you know what happens.... the medical professionals think you're crazy!

The biggest thing for you to do is to recognize that there is a low immunity problem. Work on building up your immune system. Within 7-14 days I got rid of the problem completely and never had a problem with them again. Several years have passed since my episode of dealing with skin parasites. I feel very fortunate to get rid of them as quickly as I did, largely due to me working quickly enough at the early stages.


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