Invasion Of The "Travel Bug" - Except, I Didn't Travel!
  Written by DD Rose - Consultant on Infectious Pathogens
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Parasites have become a growing silent menace that no one wants to face. If you’re thinking, “We don’t have a parasite problem in America or in the Western World” you’re making a mistake with the assumption that you may not be infected. It doesn’t matter what socioeconomic class you belong to because there is a good possibility that you have parasites. Sounds crazy? -- maybe not – they simply don’t discriminate.

Traveling to distant lands is a sure bet that you could encounter a parasite infection, but the biggest misconception is that these infections can’t happen to people who don’t travel. Again, this is a bad assumption. I’ve met people who never left their hometown who discovered that they’ve been infected by parasites. Additionally, how do credible people become instant paranoid “delusional” individuals – doctors or family members trying to force psychotic drugs on them – because someone has made an assumption or doesn’t want to see the truth?

Parasites are insidious creatures. A precise term is that they are “invaders” of the immune system because they are the real body snatchers wreaking havoc on a person. Parasite invaders include worms of all types, protozoan, molds/fungi, bacteria, and other microscopic structures. Parasites solely exist to suck nutrients from another source adding no value to the life that they are dependent on. Period.

I’ll share with you my experience, history of dealing with parasites and what you can do. When I encountered the problem I consulted with herbalists, medical doctors, and a naturopathic physician – all of whom didn’t have good experience with treating parasite infections (including myself). Later, I was forced to take matters into my own hands. I made some mistakes while trying to take care of the problem as an alternative practitioner and health consultant. At the time, I didn’t have enough knowledge about what I was dealing with; it was more serious than I realized.

In order to avoid some mistakes that I made while trying to get rid of parasites, I will be addressing some things in a series of articles on my story. I’ll discuss symptoms, practitioner choices, as well as labs, what you can do, and anything else I can think of to help you!

Read on. . . .

My Strange Discovery
One early morning I had a little dream. The dream was about a long worm that I was examining. Upon awakening, I figured that I had “a parasite or a few” – no problem, I causally thought. I really didn’t take it too seriously. My attitude, at the time, largely stemmed from working around physicians for a number of years who causally thought of parasites as not a big problem. I felt my odd dream was trying to tell me something and that it might be a good idea to follow through with an herbal cleanse as a precaution. (I learned from a practitioner that people who dreamt about parasites, do have them!) A few days later I took some herbs and noticed some things figuring they’d be gone in a few weeks. How naïve I was! I quickly learned that I had a much bigger problem on my hands.

Let’s face it, discussing parasites is an unpleasant subject; thinking about worms use to give me the “wiggles”! Shortly, after my discovery, reality sunk in and I was truly horrified. I quickly realized that this is a silent epidemic! More important, how could this happen? In fact, I was so shocked by my discovery that I couldn’t stop talking about this problem to my sister-friend and family. I learned more about parasites than I ever wanted to know, which prompted me to do something about it. I never liked worms as a child so knowing that they were inside of me, disgusted me more by this knowledge.

Prior to my discovery, I didn’t think it would ever be a health risk to me personally. I always thought of parasites as a singular entity, as in “parasite” not multiple colonies of invaders chomping on my intestines and organs. (Again, my influence in thinking was when I worked around doctors who often spoke about them as a single entity; such as, "a parasite" problem rather than parasites or parasitic infection which is more accurate.) My preconceived idea was that they would be small (except for tapeworm). There is no such thing as having “a parasite” and a lot of parasites aren’t small! If you find one, trust me, there will be more of the same species or several different species. Look at this way, if you see a mouse or a roach in your house there is never just one; same is true for parasites. Once your immune system becomes compromised with one serious affliction, it becomes a magnet for attracting other invaders (that might go for people too), because like attracts like species.

As I had mentioned, I started out with herbs to cleanse my body. After a couple of months they became resistant and weren’t dying off. Later, I decided to try an allopathic approach. This was a big mistake on my part, for me personally; they left the intestines scattering all over my body trying to avoid the medicines. To make matters worse, the medications I took had little effect on killing the most important parasites and made them more resistant. They became super worms -- for 10 months I was in parasite hell. There were times that I was in so much pain from these things, that I wanted someone to take my life to end my misery. I dealt with the problem for a couple years afterwards trying to clean up the scattering mess. Unless you've been in the experience you have no idea how radical your life can change along with the misery with trying to cope with it.

I went back to what I knew best, natural remedies. From my personal experience treating parasites with herbs is a safer and better choice until I could find something better. This included many experiments on my part for a proper protocol. I contacted people from around the world asking them every question that I could think of about parasites and treatment protocols.

If you want to become well, it is paramount to know exactly what you have before starting any treatment protocol. I can’t stress this enough, because broad spectrum protocols may make conditions worse!

A Menace for More than 4000 Years
There are two menacing parasites that troubled people centuries ago – they are still plaguing mankind today – Tapeworms and Ascaris roundworms. Four thousand years ago, Roman physician Pliny the Elder and other physicians treated people inflicted with tapeworms with pomegranate formulations, and they had remedies for ascaris infections too. Egyptian text referred to tapeworms as snakes of the belly because of their movements and sizes.

I have several books on the Essenes (a group of people that Jesus may have been associated with). There is an account of Jesus healing the afflicted of tapeworm infections, calling them Satan. Once the bodies were cleaned up the people no longer had foul smells emanating from them. One note that I'd like to make mention of -- when the Bible or certain religions suggested staying away from eating pork, most likely, it had to do with parasite

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