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 Written by DD Rose - Consultant on Infectious Pathogens
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I shared my experiences of discovering a parasite infection in Invasion of the “Travel Bug”- Except, I Didn’t Travel! and Parasite Hype or Not?. In those articles I talked about poor medical care, resistant issues, how people get infected, worldwide infection rates, medications, and experience using natural remedies. I'll continue more about my story along with information on practitioners, symptoms, and general information on testing.

I feel in order to heal from these type of infections or to understand how not to become reinfected, self-reflection is needed so that you can learn behind the experience. I've thought long and hard as to how I could have been initially infected. I now believe that I was infected by someone years ago. I came down with high fevers that couldn’t be broken for months, had an unusual skin rash, lymph gland swelling, coughing, wheezing, and my blood count was off. The doctors that I saw couldn't come up with a definitive answer, but figured that I had a “virus”. When asked what kind of "virus" there was no real answer -- "just a virus" or "these things happen"-- those answers never felt right to me. I went in every week for tests. Late one night I thought that I might die from the “virus” affliction when my temperature rapidly climbed over 104 degrees during a snow blizzard shutting the city down. I was really scared. One time, I suggested doing a parasite test but was told since I didn’t travel anywhere recently there would be no point. I realize now that I should have followed my instincts with pushing the issue, because years later things were very evident.

After learning about parasites, my “virus” was identical to standard parasite infections at the onset of being infected. I had wondered why the “good internist” didn’t catch this one! Reading the identical symptoms was a no-brainer for me. Years later, I learned that if a parasite problem is caught in the early stages it is a lot easier to treat than much later on. I have no doubts that my body became acclimated to the invaders; later, I became asymptomatic – showing little evidence that I had a parasite problem. There was some indication, but I didn't make the connection what was happening because it could've been related to hormones. At one point, I gained 40 lbs very quickly within a few short months for no apparent reason and as time went by I kept gaining weight, reaching 210; my normal weight had been around 135 lbs. I wasn't able to get rid of the weight gain until I disturbed their nests by taking herbs and/or medications. In realizing that I had a parasite problem it all became more clear to me.

When I went to the Internet to find my own answers because of deplorable medical care, I was relieved to know that I was not alone in my plight with parasites or dealing with conventional doctors. People are eliminating unusual parasites. I read on a couple of forums that several different people purposely put a parasite or two in a jar for analysis and the results came back negative. One woman filled a jar with creatures and gave it to her doctor; he denied she had a problem! There are many stories about how badly they were treated by their practitioner. The sad thing about all of this is that parasites can be a life-threatening problem; people's lives are hanging in the balance and the medical establishment needs to take this more seriously. One person told me, "It is 2008, and with all of this wealth of information that we have, it's inhumane that we have been forced to live with this problem." I couldn't agree more because the statement is true.

Find the Right Practitioner
If you read my previous articles, you have now been forewarned about doctors’ reactions when mentioning parasites. I had worked with doctors for many years, so I was better off than most people who didn’t have a relationship with doctors. Regardless, this still didn’t exempt me from running into a brick wall when discussing the matter with some doctors; there were physicians that I did know who tried to help with the situation. If you’re looking for help from your medical practitioner, you may get sneered at by your trusted doctor. If you prefer an integrative approach, you will need to search hard to find a compassionate practitioner that will hear you out -- one who is willing to work with you until you are parasite free.

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Take matters into your own hands by doing research to make sure you get the right dosage. A low dose of medication can scatter the parasites, which happened to me and others I have spoken to. Too high of a dose can be detrimental if taken incorrectly. Although I didn’t have any initial problems with taking an herbal protocol, I know several people who experienced parasite migration. I did a survey on a forum and respondents were split 50/50 on the parasite scattering and migration problems they experienced. Therefore, the wrong protocol can do serious damage, especially when you don’t understand what you’re dealing with. An excellent way to help control parasite migration is to take something sweet with your treatment; parasites like sugar.

In order to properly kill parasites in all stages, it takes an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated person who knows what they are doing. I still believe that herbs are the best option; the caveat is how well the herbs are formulated, specifically tailored, to work effectively in doing the job without hurting you in the process. It would be best to not take any practitioner’s word that they can help you. Referrals and first-hand experiences are the best options for a healthy recovery.

So, how do you know if you really have parasites? First of all, there is no reason to run hysterically to your doctor claiming you have parasites without doing some preliminary work unless, of course, you have obvious symptoms. The most obvious would be to find a parasite or more in the toilet bowel.

For the most part, people’s symptoms for parasites are asymptomatic. I made a very interesting observation during my early days of cleansing after disturbing their nests. There were times that parasites fooled me into believing that they no longer existed (this is especially true using a low-dose protocol treatment). Parasites will show no obvious signs or movement; your body may function normally on a temporary basis. After they fool you into believing that they are gone, you might eat something sugary and the evidence is undeniable – kicking movements begin. Parasites are clever -- who would have thought! This happened to me on a number of occasions. It wasn’t until other health problems developed that I discovered that the Silent Master problem required more diligence. How did I know that I still had a problem? I’m not going to get into details, but I’ll simply say that you can feel them move around and further proof was provided.

If you have observed more than 5 symptoms, there is a good possibility that worm parasites are present and/or possibly a mold/fungus infection: 

Chronic symptoms or immune problems that don’t get resolved • itchy ears, nose, anus • bed wetting • forgetfulness • slow reflexes • belching, passing gas and bloating • undigested food • foul elimination or “greasy” stools • chronic constipation or diarrhea • foggy thinking • loss of appetite • yellow skin • dark circles around eyes • hard time sleeping between 1-3 AM“hunger pangs” or loud stomach noises • eating too much but still feeling hungry • nose picking, chronic sinusitis or stuffy nose in morning• seizures • depression • severe headaches or eye pain • unidentifiable body odor • teeth grinding • sharp pains in throat • hard to heal wounds • gained excessive weight and unable to loose heavy pounds • can’t gain weight • experienced an unusual “flu” or “virus” at one time with high fevers or low blood count that doctors were unable to identify.

These symptoms could be indicators of something else because parasites can mimic real diseases and symptoms; for this reason, consult a good practitioner. By the way, if you have experienced chronic Candida symptoms, parasites and Candida generally go hand-in-hand. In order to find out the truth, it may take more than 3 separate stool tests to get at the problem.

I want to make mention about hunger pangs because it is a red flag to me (unless I hadn't eaten). The colon is considered the second brain of the body because it has the same enzymes and gray matter as the human brain. It wasn’t until I started the parasite cleanse with pushing parasites into the colon that I started to experience hunger pangs on a regular basis. Why should anyone feel hunger pangs in the colon rather than the stomach? The colon is the place for elimination of waste removal. I had also developed gassy symptoms that I never had before. Here’s something interesting that I observed... There were occasions that after I had finished a meal my

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