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Restorative Health Research Plus™ is for savvy health conscious individuals

Restorative Health Research Plus™ was initiated in 2006-07 to help educate people about the world of microbes.

Did you know that hidden causes -- molds/fungi, parasites, or other microscopic structures -- are primarily ignored by the medical establishment? Doctors aren't necessarily required to look further into some of these underlying problems as possible root causes for illnesses. This means they might not look too hard to find your problem as you continue to get sicker! Furthermore, it is a myth that worm parasites or protozoans don't exist in developed countries; you don't have to travel to become exposed to parasites. Molds and fungi (same family members) can lurk quietly in your environment without your knowledge too, infecting you or loved ones with their organic spores causing illness. These Silent Masters are wreaking havoc in real people's lives and their stories are told on blogs. Parasites, molds/fungi, bacteria, and microbes of all kinds are very tenacious and can be life-threatening!

Many people are realizing or discovering that these problems exist and they aren't "delusional" with their complaints. How is it possible for so many people (and maybe even you) aren't finding the truth with endless tests?

Uncovering possible underlying reasons for chronic, persistent, or "undetermined" states of ill-health requires investigative work. Often, unbeknownst to people or practitioners there might be several factors involved with a particular illness. Mitigating factors are overlooked or undetected -- time after time, test after test, without yielding answers. Hidden and unrealized co-factors could include molds, parasites, bacteria or unspecified structures as contributors.

Unfortunately, if you are a sufferer you may have been in an endless cycle for many years trying to cope with your illness, unable to achieve wellness. The reasons for this can vary, but one of the main problems would be insufficient lab testing or inadequate equipment for detecting an underlying cause for your unhealthy state of existence. In many cases, a majority of labs disregard or don't thoroughly observe samples that may have certain organisms present. There are microscopic organisms or large pathogens that can invade the body (internally or externally) contributing to ill-health and a weaker immune system.

It is possible that medical labs are unable to indentify or have the proper time to study specimens. For this reason, RHR Plus™ has made available, to the public, our findings of laboratory observations to demonstrate that there is a problem that is being overlooked. Surprisingly, our lab observations often revealed more than one organism present in samples, all of which maybe contributing co-factors to ill-health similar to your own.

RHR Plus™ no longer has laboratory services, however, it is necessary to share possible underlying and hidden causes of what microbial infections are doing. We are revealing a couple of lab reports, an extensive micrograph gallery of over 50 pictures, a video, and have blogs for you to read. Please start by viewing any of the thumbnails to see an enlarged sample of a Micrograph.

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